The Society of Arts and the Encouragement of Mineralogy and Geology 1754-1900

On 9th November 2017 I will be contributing to an all day conference, organised jointly between the William Shipley Group for RSA History and the History of Geology Group at the Geological Society.   I will open the meeting with a brief overview of the Society’s encouragement of these new earth sciences through its members, awards and lecture programme.   For fuller details and booking information see here

Royal Designers for Industry represented at the 1946 Britain Can Make It exhibition.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the 1946 Britain Can Make It exhibition the University of Brighton Design Archives has provided an online version of the catalogue. On behalf of the William Shipley Group for RSA History, I have provided this online resource on the RDIs represented at Britain Can Make It exhibition, to complement the digitised catalogue.